Better Opportunities in Website Design Just the Way It Is

The site is the face of your business and the main tool for attracting new customers. Do you want to interest the visitor from the first seconds and keep him on the site?Use the latest web design features. Start attracting a regular stream of visitors and easily convert them to regular customers.

Connect the robot

The fact that a few years ago seemed like science fiction is now a harsh reality. Install a chat box on the site and not only because it is one of the main trends. By adding a “smart answering machine”, you will communicate with customers:

Chat Boxing Example

Customers are becoming more demanding. Sellers now abound. Without receiving a prompt response, visitors simply leave and forget about you. If you connect a “smart answering machine”, your employees will not need to be online around the clock. At the same time, the client will receive all the necessary information and issue a purchase even at night. When it comes to the best website design in singapore then it is important now.

Make the first mobile version

You have already heard many times that your site needs to be adapted for mobile devices.  And the statistics confirms this:

  • 82% of users make a purchase decision by accessing the Internet from a phone
  • 62% of people prefer to search for answers to questions instantly using a smartphone

Adaptation alone is not enough. Today, the approach to creating a design is changing. First make a mobile version, and then launch a full-fledged site. Thus,  you will perfectly display all the important elements on the phone screen. After all, often a full-fledged version on the mobile looks unpresentable and trimmed.

Add the right fonts

Fonts become a design element. They even replace the photo. Remember: on the mobile screen, small and sometimes important details of the image should be viewed under a microscope. While the text can perfectly fit into any screen. Regarding the good at website design this is important.

Write words in a horizontal and vertical direction this will highlight your site among a series of similar ones. But do not overdo it:


  • choose fonts that are easy to disassemble, better without sans serif
  • use no more than 3 families

Look at the fonts on your competitors sites.

Another trend is the use of capital bold letters in the page menu. Thus, all the labels look uniform. They are easy to read and understand. The main thing – try to make points short.

Online Business Labs:

Use bright colors

White “clean” design has been popular for a long time. And this is a good solution that does not lose relevance. But if you want to stand out, use bright pastel colors and gradients. They are back in fashion.

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