Essential Steps for Roofing Process You Have

During operation, any roof loses its properties and aesthetic appearance. Durability for all coatings is different: some deteriorate earlier, others later, but the need to repair the roof arises in any case, even if you purchased materials at a high price and correctly installed them. The reasons for damage to the coating can be different: long term use, improper installation, negative environmental effects, etc.

There are roof repairs:


These are procedures that must be performed every 1-2 years in order to prevent damage to the material. In the course of these works, 10-50% of the entire surface can vary. It is best to spend them in autumn or spring. In the beginning, it is necessary to fully investigate the roof for suitability for operation. Then you need to find out which elements of the roof are to be replaced, and which ones can be used further. The Roofing Inspections options are used there.

If the roof condition is unsatisfactory, then the conclusion is drawn that it is not a partial repair, but a capital repair. If the replacement is subject only to certain elements of the roof, then necessary measures are taken to reconstruct the house.

The capital

This is a complex of measures for the extensive repair of pitched or flat roofs and facades of buildings. In this case, many elements must be replaced completely. Usually the following work is carried out: dismantling of the old roofing and screeds, complete replacement of the insulation, reconstruction of the truss system is possible. After all the preparatory work, new roofing materials are laid. It is also recommended to repair overhangs, parapets and adjoining structures.


In this case, all actions are carried out in an emergency. The works are aimed at restoring the cover in such a way that the roof is suitable for operation. Here, first of all, it is necessary to replace sites that have collapsed or may become worthless in the near future.

The measures taken to repair the roof depend also on the type of coatings. All materials can be conditionally divided into hard and soft.

Repair of metal roofing

Roofs made of metal are mainly made of galvanized steel – a durable material. The average life is 15 years. The main problems that can arise with them: the appearance of corrosion and leaks.

Roof repair

When repairing the rebated roof, small areas affected by rust are cleaned of it, and patches of the same material are applied from above.However, there are also such cases that you have to change whole sheets of cover. In this case, the damaged sheet is replaced with a new one and then fixed again with the help of folds.