The general Options for the Right Air Duct

Cleaning of ventilation ducts and ventilation systems for industrial buildings is one of the main activities of the cleaning company. As international experience shows, it is necessary to clean the ventilation channels in almost any building where air quality can affect the final product. Our experience gained in Ukraine shows that more and more industrial enterprises are beginning to use such a service as cleaning the ventilation ducts, cleaning the air ducts, cleaning the ventilation as a whole.

The Proper Kind of Cleaning

Cleaning the ventilation ducts can be a complex procedure involving cleaning the intake ventilation ducts, cleaning the exhaust ventilation ducts, cleaning the fans, receiving chambers, umbrellas, and so on. The cleaning of the intake ventilation ducts is categorically shown to enterprises of the food industry, the vodka industry, and also to pharmaceutical enterprises.

As practice shows, it is not enough to replace the filters, even within the specified time limits. Despite the filters, the ventilation channels, as a rule, are significantly contaminated, and dirty air enters the production sites. From the Air duct cleaning company this is important.

Do you doubt?

Order the Video Inspection of the ventilation channels in the company, and you can be convinced of this.

  • It is also extremely important to clean the ventilation channels at the enterprises related to the production (or assembly) of high-tech products. EU statistics show that regular cleaning of ventilation channels can significantly reduce the percentage of defects in such industries. This means that the level of overheads will also decrease, and the profit will increase. As you can see, such a simple procedure as cleaning the ventilation channels in the enterprise can lead to an increase in the profitability of the enterprise. By analogy with the above example, we can talk about the quality of the initial product of pharmaceutical companies, food companies and others. Obviously, cleaning the ventilation ducts is mandatory for any careful manager or owner of the enterprise.
  • In addition, we should not forget about the need to clean exhaust ventilation channels and air ducts. For example, in pharmaceutical companies, production waste in the form of powders, which are extremely dangerous for health, accumulate in such ventilation channels. In addition, if you do not clean the exhaust ventilation channels, the probability of a fire is high. For food companies, the situation is similar, for example, in beverage companies, substantial ventilation syrup and other production wastes accumulate in exhaust ventilation channels. The fire risk of such ducts is comparable to the ventilation channels in restaurants. And restaurants, unfortunately, from time to time burn including for this reason. Therefore, it is necessary to clean both intake and exhaust ventilation channels in all types of production.

Thus, we can conclude that cleaning the ventilation channels is necessary not only for restaurants, office centers or hotels, but also for industrial and industrial buildings. Regular cleaning of the ventilation ducts and ventilation as a whole can significantly increase the service life of individual units of the ventilation system, reduce the amount of energy consumed, and also reduce the risk of low-quality products at the outlet, or the risk of ventilation in production.