Why performing roof maintenance and cleaning is important?

The systems of the home, the finishing of walls and floors, furniture, accessories and household appliances they all poses imminent impact on the health of the house attics an roof quality. The maintenance of the exterior includes the foundations, the walls, the roof and the gardening. Your monthly budget should include money for routine maintenance of the home and garden and for repairs. Housing experts recommend booking between 1% to 3% of the current value of your home to pay for maintenance and repair costs. The accumulated amount will help you pay for large expenses in the future such as fixing or changing the roof or replacing the heating or cooling unit.

Leaks in the roof

Roof leaks are one of the main problems faced by home and business owners. A simple solution which is within everyone’s reach is the application of an elastomeric roof covering as provided by Tempe Roofing roof sealers.These products not only improve the structural integrity of the roofs eliminating leaks and increasing their durability but also improve energy efficiency and provide important environmental benefits in the short and long term.


The surface must be clean, dry, no cracks, grease, dust, sand or any material that does not allow the adhesion of the sealant. Use a pressure washing machine or wire brush for deep cleaning. Make sure to remove the fungus, moss or foreign material using a solution of cleaner and water. Repair the drainage system where necessary.

Preparing the surface

  • Repair existing cracks or joints using hydraulic cement according to your instructions
  • Repair the holes or any weakened area of ​​the concrete surface with good quality cement. Add one gallon of concrete fortifier plus per 50 pounds of cement and let it cure for 30 days according to product instructions
  • The areas of improvement must be corrected before applying the sealant. It uses self-leveling cement according to the instructions
  • On asphalt roofs are sure to remove oils and greases. Wait 24 hours before moving on to the next step

Conclusion: applying the sealant

Choose a sunny day for greater visibility. It offers sealants that are applied in blue and dry white. Apply the first layer leaving 10 mils of product. Wait 24 hours to apply a second layer. It is applied perpendicular to the previous one. Leave 10 mils in the final layer for a thickness of 20 mils total dry sealer. The seal must be complete and do not forget to seal drains, pet riles, inverted beams, eaves or any surface that may affect the sealing. In this roof maintenance fast work is not something that you are looking for. The work should be smart and comes within an affordable budget plan. That should be your motto.